Trash and Recycling

Trash Pickup:

WM Trash TruckOur trash is picked up by an independent contractor, (Waste Management), not the Town of Walpole.  The usual pickup day is FRIDAY before mid-morning, except when a Holiday falls in the week, when pickup might be "a day late" on SATURDAY.  A sign board is posted just inside the entrance on the right side of the road, confirming the trash pickup day.

Starting in November 2008, there will be a change in the way that Waste Management picks up our trash, and in the way that we recycle at Swan Pond. The shared recycling containers beside the clubhouse and mail boxes will be gone - replaced by one 64-gallon "tote" provided to each home. The recycling "tote" will be green with a distinctive yellow lid. And each home will also be provided with a similar 64-gallon tote for general trash. This tote will be "all green". During the last week of October, two totes were delivered to each of the Homes at Swan Pond.

TotesGeneral trash goes in the all-green tote, and recycling goes in the yellow-lid tote.  Place the totes curbside with the open side of the lid facing the street (arrows on the lid pointing towards the street).  The general trash will be picked up every week starting on Friday November 7th, and the recycling every other week starting on Friday November 14th at the same time as the general trash.  Waste Management will be using a new kind of “automated trash truck” that picks up the tote from the sidewalk with a mechanical arm that grabs the tote, lifts it, then empties it into the truck and returns the tote to sidewalk.

For this to work… there must be three feet clearance on each side of the tote, (including three feet clearance between the two totes on the day when the recycling tote is also picked up), and the tote(s) must be no more than three feet from the edge of the road.  The truck needs to be able to drive up alongside the tote. Placement of the totes is critical.  If the truck can’t grab the tote, the tote won’t be emptied! Please don't overload the tote. The tote lid must be fully closed.

We no longer have to separate recycling into Paper/Cardboard and Plastic/Glass/Metals. Everything goes into the one yellow-lid recycling tote:

Glass Bottles and Jars....... Plastic Bottles....... Aluminum and Tin Cans...... Cardboard Boxes Newspapers and Magazines........ Paper (White and Colored)........ Junk Mail

An expanded list of "Acceptable" and Non-Acceptable items for recycling have been posted on the "FAQ's" page.....

One last thing – We will no longer be able to put out for collection anything that won’t fit into, or isn’t completely inside, either tote.  And, your present trash barrels cannot be picked up. The automated trash truck has just one operator, who stays inside at the driver’s seat all the time.




We continue to have an ongoing problem with trash blowing around the Swan Pond site, and the new totes with their heavy-duty hinged lids will certainly help prevent that. However, it's each homeowner's responsibility to prevent "stuff" blowing out of the trash and recycling totes when they are waiting to be emptied, and during the automated emptying process. You should consider putting trash materials into securely tied plastic bags, to prevent bits and pieces blowing away, should the tote be blown over, or while it is being emptied. The aim should be to avoid having loose bits of paper, cellophone wrapping, etc. in the totes that could easily blow away. Plastic bags are not acceptable in the recycling tote - so consider using brown paper bags to contain newspapers, small paper articles, small plastic water bottles, etc.

Bottom line - we will continue to enforce the Trash Disposal Regulations (see below).  Our goal is to avoid spending your condo fees to have a contractor pick up the trash that gets spilled.  We ask your cooperation in this effort.


Trash Disposal Regulations:

The policy of the Homes at Swan Pond Condominium in regard to trash is clearly stated in our Rules and Regulations (see the Rules and Regulations Handbook - Section 8) that homeowner trash is to be contained in a trash container with a securely fitting lid. It must be noted that it is the homeowner's responsibility to prevent their trash from littering the neighborhood under any circumstances. It is the nature of the New England weather that the wind blows, and rather strongly, on more than a few days each year. We must be sure that our trash can be contained when it is put out on trash days. It may be necessary for the homeowner to line their trash containers with HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC BAGS and to tie them securely. This would mean that if your trash container blew over, the bag would contain your trash, and you would not be fined for littering. If you are putting out your newspapers with the recycling, they need to be tied securely. If you consistently have excess trash, please obtain additional trash containers.

Bottom line - If your trash becomes loose while waiting to be picked up, you will be subject to a fine.

Fines will be: $5.00 for the first offense; $10.00 for the second offense; $25.00 for additional violations of the trash containment policy.

One last note - Please remember that some trash pick-ups are "a day late". Please avoid putting your trash out "one day early".....and remember that the recycle tote is picked up every other week.


Truck Grabbing ToteTruck Emptying Tote