Certificate of Insurance

The Homes at Swan Pond Condominium maintains a Master Insurance Policy, covering all of the homes. The master policy provides property coverage for the structure of your home, and for all permanently installed fixtures, improvements and betterments within your home against covered causes of loss. The deductible is currently $10,000. The policy is with Middlesex Mutual Insurance Company through the Rodman Insurance Agency.

You can print, email or fax a Certificate of Insurance detailing your individual home by going to the Rodman Insurance Agency web site. Locate CONDO CERTIFICATES on the web page, and click on it. Follow all the directions. Enter the Association name, when prompted as: The Homes at Swan Pond. You will also be prompted to enter your own name and address.

Or, you can contact Lori McMahon at the Homes at Swan Pond Business Office, and she will be glad to get a Certificate for you...